CD Internationaux UP 2020

Université de Paris: 13 doctoral researchers position to start on Oct. 1st 2020


Université de Paris is hiring 13 doctoral researchers to start on Oct. 1st 2020. The doctoral researchers will benefit from Université de Paris exceptional scientific environment. Furthermore, the researchers will benefit from a dedicated scholarship for travel expenses. Projects will include a two months stay abroad (see individual projects for details).


Applications are open from Feb. 12th 2020 to March 20th (5p.m. CET) on

We draw the candidates’ attention to the fact that applications requires two external reference to provide details regarding the candidate and that incomplete applications will not be taken into account.


List of topics

Life Sciences

LS #1: "Representations of feedback in human learning" dirigée par Waszak Florian (INCC - Centre Neurosciences intégratives et Cognition)

LS #2: "Génotypage de l'apoliprotéine E et maladie d'Alzheimer: corrélats neuro-anatomiques et impact sur la survie des patients" dirigée par Dumurgier Julien (CRESS  - Centre de recherche épidémiologies et bio statistique de Sorbonne Paris Cité)

LS #3: "Role of snares in membrane fusion and neuronal growth - reconstitution in bacteria and functional studies in neurons" dirigée par Galli Thierry (IPNP - Institut de psychiatrie et neurosciences de Paris)

LS #4: "Assessment of germline AXL mutations in mast cell tumor development" dirigée par Maouche-Chrétien Leïla (IMAGINE - IHU Imagine-Institut des Maladies Génétiques)

LS #5: "Etude des interactions entre les défensines et le microbiote intestinal: mécanismes et outil thérapeutique" dirigée par Chassaing Benoît (Institut Cochin)

LS #6: "Epitranscriptomic impact on HIV life cycle" dirigée par Sargueil Bruno (CiTCoM - Cibles Thérapeutiques et conception de médicaments)

Physical Sciences and Engineering

PSE #1: "Machine Learning for Euclid Mass Mapping and cosmological parameter estimation" dirigée par Starck Jean-Luc (AIM Paris-Saclay - Astrophysique, Interprétation, Modélisation de Paris-Saclay)

PSE #2: "Toward a sustainable rechargeable electrochromic window for smart buildings" dirigée par Balland Véronique (LEM - Laboratoire d'Electrochimie Moléculaire)

PSE #3: "Physical geochemistry of a volcanic island hydrothermal system: sources, dynamic and precursors of volcanic activity" dirigée par Moretti Roberto (IPGP - Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris)

PSE #4: "Protein evolution and sequence landscapes" dirigée par Zamponi Francesco (LPENS - Laboratoire de Physique de l'ENS)

Social Sciences and Humanities

SSH #1: "Fast and slow thinking: advancing the specification of the dual process model of human reasoning" dirigée par De Neys Wim (LaPsyDé - Laboratoire de Psychologie du développement et de l'éducation de l'enfant)

SSH #2: "Contact-grammaticalization in modality: a constrastive and comparative analysis in New Englishes" dirigée par Celle Agnès (CLILLAC-ARP - Centre de Linguistique Interlangues, de Lexicologie, de Linguistique Anglaise et de Corpus -  Atelier de recherche sur la parole )

SSH #3: "Système verbal et TAME d'une langue australienne Maningrida - approches formelles et expérimentales / The TAME verbal system of a Maningrida Australian language: formal and experimental approaches" dirigée par Caudal Patrick (LLF - Laboratoire de linguistique formelle)


Selection of candidates

Candidates will be first evaluated internally using the following scoresheet

- Academic background (50%): grades and academic background (including ranking and possible prizes);

- Research experience (20%): previous research experience, publications and/or communications;

- Non-research professional experience (20%);

- International mobility (10%): previous mobility at Bachelor or Master level.


For each research topic, up to three candidates will be invited in Paris to meet prospective research groups and for an interview by an international panel from April 21st to 23rd.

Interviews will be ranked using the following scoresheet

  • Project appropriation (Capacity to integrate and appropriate the project stakes: originality, expected outcomes, implementation within 3 years): 50%
  • Personal project : 25%
  • Relational quality and presentation (Speaking skills, clarity of expression and thought, quality of visual support, English language and/or French language or willingness to learn) : 25%

Candidates unable to travel to Paris will be interviewed online.


Eligibility conditions

- Less than twelve months of residence in France during the three years preceding the selection;

- Candidates must hold a diploma that allows access to doctoral studies in France (Master's degree or other equivalent diploma) at the time of recruitment;

- No previous registration in doctoral studies;

- Required diploma must have been obtained less than 4 years before the start of the project.



When? Start date Wednesday, 12 February 2020 09:00
End date Friday, 20 March 2020 16:00